"Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world."

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Reset May 1st 2016. Last updated Feb 10th 2017. Goal: 8000$. Raised: 1984.50$ *Excludes online campaign

Meet Action Against hunger

The Story:

Join students from the University of Ottawa contribute to the fight against world hunger by supporting our page! We believe that no person should be denied basic human necessities such as living provisions, education and sanitation. This is why we have come together to inform our peers at the University of Ottawa about this issue and start a chain reaction in our community to make a change for the better!

Hunger claims one million young lives every year, but for the first time in history, game changing solutions are within our reach. Using ready-to-use therapeutic foods, we can now treat children at home, and save lives at a scale never before imagined. 45 days and $45 is all it takes to restore a severely malnourished child to health in just a few short weeks.